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About Us

Highland Cattle Farm Company established in 2009 is engaged in the breeding of Highland cows. This unique breed originates in Scotland. Due to the harsh nature of their homeland characterized by constant precipitation and strong winds, these cows are known for their high endurance. They were able to settle not only in countries with a temperate climate, but also in those where winters are much colder than in Scotland. Highland cows are unpretentious, hardy, resistant to cold. Their strong immune system is unexposed to virtually any viruses, and forelocks protect the muzzle of the cow from insects and eye infections. These cows are characterized by a gentle and calm disposition.

Highland Cattle Farm is located in the area of Širvintai, the village of Paluknės. The location of the farm was chosen very well – just 55 kilometres from the capital city of Vilnius. The farm is surrounded by large villages and picturesque scenery, which makes it not only convenient, but also very attractive to visit. Kamaraučiznos and Verblių forests are located near Highland Cattle Farm, as well as the deep and clear Lake Zdoniškes.

If you delve into the history of Lithuania, you will see that since ancient times the inhabitants of our wonderful country have been engaged in livestock breeding. The territory of Lithuania has favourable and extremely convenient conditions for this type of agricultural activity. It is located in a zone of coniferous and mixed forests covering 30% of the country, as well as surrounded by a huge number of clean rivers, lakes and ponds. In addition, favourable weather conditions for farming and livestock breeding also play an important role.

We are pleased to invite you to visit this magnificent area of the country which will unlikely to leave anyone untouched due to its beauty. We provide the opportunity to stay in our motel which can accommodate up to 50 people, and enjoy the entertainment offered to your heart’s content, leaving all the problems and concerns in the city. The unforgettable programmes that we organise especially for you will be awaiting you.

  • You will be able to stroke and feed the animals, as well as take pictures with them. Our cows have a surprisingly soft and good-natured character, they never show aggression and always welcome new guests.
  • The opportunity to ride a tractor and a water bike
  • Visit the bath on the shore of the lake.
  • Engage in professional fishing.

Our cows at Highland Cattle Farm are looked after with care and attention by competent and responsible staff who provide the animals with proper care as well as maintain their comfortable living conditions, which ensures a long and happy life for the cows. Thanks to the proximity of the farm to nature, the animals are as close as possible to their natural habitat. The farm provides ideal conditions for the animals to experience as little stress as possible.

Cows graze on the picturesque meadows, which spread over an area of 150 hectares. Thanks to their unrestricted grazing, the animals feel great, and the colourful landscapes stretching up to the horizon allow them to feel free. The spacious pastures are equipped with automatic water troughs with crystal clear water from artesian wells flowing from them. Since the very birth the animals are in favourable conditions for the cow to grow as healthy as possible. Cows are given feeds which are exclusively natural and healthy for them,  containing all the nutrients required for a delicious meat delicacy. The meat of the Highland cows is enriched with proteins and fats, it has a delicate taste and pleasant texture. In addition, it is a great dietary product, especially recommended by doctors for people with heart and stomach diseases.

Often the interested volunteers and the students of the Lithuanian educational institutions offer to help the farmers. They provide free assistance to care after the animals and spend time with them. Communication with people forms the character of the cows and reveals the most positive features of the breed. Thanks to proper quality care, our cows feel protected, do not show aggression, and are happy to respond to contact – both with people and with each other.







Our Team

Our team consists of people with vast experience in agriculture, who perform one of the key functions - care of Highland cattle. In addition to this, our team includes young people showing great curiosity and interest in this given activity.